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Customer Testimonials

"I have been using Bacteriosol and Bacteriolit for the last 20 years. Bacteriosol and Bacteriolit have enabled me to obtain a far superior and abundant fodder production, and have led to much improved time savings. They have also led to a decrease in my input purchases and our meadows have never looked healthier."

   Cattle Farmer in Aveyron, France

"The Bacteriosol-Bacteriolit concept allowed me to obtain a regular, more abundant and more appetizing fodder production, to arrange my work time for the better, to decrease the purchase of inputs. Moreover, over the last 3 years, we have observed that the meadows started again much better in the autumn in spite of the drought."

   GAEC de Beauséjour
   Stock breeder Prim’Holstein & pigs, Limousin Department

"I noticed that using this process allowed me to drop my veterinary expenses particularly regarding cases of calf diarrhoea. The Bacteriolit is a natural solution. This concept puts everything back in its natural order; there is a real balance between ground and animals."

   Bernard PHELIPPON
   President of Pardaillan CETA

"We saw our grounds decay and corn which didn’t get to maturity. Our grounds were blocked. Before for a quota of 450,000 litres of milk, we needed 104 ac of corn, today we need between 74 and 84 ac for 550,000 litres of milk. The use of these products has facilitated our work and life. Today, we have spectacular effects thanks to Bacteriosol-Bacteriolit process."

   Bertrand CAYREL
   Stock breeder of Limousines cows in Lozere Department

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