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Bacteriosol ®

Amendement Organique, NF U44 – 051

Plant matter mixed with Ammonium Sulphate (NF U42-001) at 85g/Kg gross. Ingredients include plant matter, natural minerals, green compost, molasses and a selection of composted wild plants. 87% minimum dry matter; 35% organic matter; 2.5% nitrogen total; 0.9% organic nitrogen of built product. C/N 8; 2.5% P2O5 (Phosphorous); 1.5% K2O (Potassium) of built product.

Ideal Usage: 300 Kg/Ha
Content: 600 Kg nett/bag
Warning: Wash & dry hands immediately after use,
store out of rain/sun.


Bacteriolit ®

Bacteriolit has the economical and ecological benefits of Bacteriosol and allows much improved retention of nutrients through a reduction in evaporation and leaching.

It is particularly effective in livestock farming as it also affects the gaseous emissions and leads to a noticeable reduction in odours. It also prevents the formation of crusts and deposits inside application machinery.

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