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Soil Enhancers

Give your crops and livestock the Best

Created in the 1980’s by French farmer Marcel Mezy, Bacteriosol® and Bacteriolit® are highly effective and environmentally friendly soil and manure enhancers and have enjoyed over 20 years of continuous use on more than 4000 French farms.

Bacteriosol encourages natural and rapid soil replenishment and greatly reduces the quantity of nitrogen required to be added to the soil.

Bacteriolit was created as an additive to accelerate the humification of manure and slurry thereby increasing both effectiveness and fertility.

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Ecocert Approved

Both Bacteriosol and Bacteriolit are approved for use working in a more ecologically and environmentally friendly way by Ecocert®,
the leading European certification body for ecological products.

Distributed by Limehurst Ltd
for Sobac, France.


• Improved yields
• Improved financial margins
• Increased crop
       & livestock quality
• Environmentally & Ecologically

• Improved soil health
• Increase in clay humus complex
• Improved soil fertility
• Greater autonomy
• Reduced handling costs
• Ecocert ecological farming

• Reduced fertilisation costs
• Improved water retention
• Reduction in ’wash-off’
• Improved carbon retention
• Improved resistance to pests
      & diseases


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